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Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm So Excited! (And Honored!)

Remember last Summer when I painted a couple of banners for our city?
(As did 27 local artists)

Here's the press release I just received by e-mail:

Selected Fairfield Street Banners have now been made into full color postcards. The Original Art Banner project "Celebrate Fairfield - A Cultural Garden" by the Fairfield Beautification Commission and the Fairfield Art Association earlier this summer featured 27 local artists. The public was invited to vote for their favorite banners and that input along with reproducing quality and local subject, decided the winning postcards. It was first planned to produce only 6 designs, but selection was very hard due to all the fantastic designs and 8 ended up being selected.
The artists and their banners that have been made into postcards are: "Fairfield Bandstand" by Susan Noll Thicke, "Leapfrog Sculpture" by (me - "Shady" Kathy T), "Victorian House" by Cindy Travers, "Fairfield Cloudscape" by John Preston, "Country Road" by Bonnie Jaye, "Jefferson County Cow" by Elaine Duncan, "Sunshine & Golden Domes" by Ann Shook,and "Courthouse Cow" by Cindy Travers. Photos of the banners were taken by Julie Johnston and transferred to postcard format by Barb McMahon.
Hot off the press, these eight colorful Banner Design Postcards will be available for purchase at this Friday December 5 Art Walk, at the Fairfield Art Association Studio Sales Gallery from 6- 9 pm. Postcards can be bought in ribbon packaged bundles of 8, which includes one of each design for $6, or individually for $1 each. Proceeds from the sales will be jointly shared by Beautification & Art Association for their many community projects. Limited postcards have been printed. The Fairfield Banners have been so popular, it is being discussed how to do more - we just need to locate more banners to re-cycle!

Again.... I am so honored and Thrilled! :-) Just thought you might like to know!


Balisha said...

What a neat project for your town and what an honor to be chosen. Love the banner. Leap frog...wonder if they still do it?

Shady Gardener said...

Balisha, Thank you for visiting this little site! :-) As far as I know, playing Leapfrog may be a thing of the past. Years ago, after we commissioned the sculpture, we had children (including mine) participate in a leapfrog contest. It was a fund-raiser. We had to show them how to do it! ;-)

Ralph said...

Now how cool is that!!!???
Thanks for stopping by I appreciate it.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Ralph! It IS cool! :-) I've had some set aside to pick up tomorrow (for Christmas presents!) ha. I think I'll enjoy visiting your site.

Cliff said...

Congrats shady, the project is a great one for a small town.

Shady Gardener said...

It really is a great project for this small town! Thanks for visiting, Cliff. :-)

GardenAuthor said...

Congratulations, Shady!

Shady Gardener said...

Thanks, Deb. :-)