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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An Update on the Garden Lady Sculptures

Oh! I did laugh when I opened an e-mail last night!

Three nearly completed garden ladies were looking at me, each with their creators!

I've spent a little time lately with Hazel Didt heir Veedin' (she still needs a pair of gloves), and
two scare-the-birds heads. These two heads are still "works-in-progress." Hopefully I can make one more next week.

I'm just now going to look for some wigs and a pair of pants for Harry Didt heir Veedin. After those errands, I'm going to help my friend N with her garden figure. She and I will be working on a body, arms and legs for her figure tonight.

We finished Mathilda Marie this evening. By 9:15 P.M. tonight, she was looking lovely. All she needs is a pair of little white gloves. :-)

For your information, all these Garden Ladies and friends have been invited to a Garden Party on Friday, May 7 in front of our local Civic Center. YOU will be invited to "Read all about it" after-the-fact. :-)

More to come...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

You're Going to Love These Garden Ladies!

I've posted on these ladies before... but thought I'd just give you a quick history that might bring you up-to-date. (If you want to view the previous post, click here.)

This post will show a bit of the evolution of our garden lady faces. We are currently involved in creating bodies for some of them... and hope to have a "public showing" in a couple of weeks. Just for fun! :-)

These couple of photos show us during our very first work session last November (2009).

C with her head.

The head in the foreground is N's.

Our second workshop in December was hilarious!
N's head shows a lot of progress.

C is busy working here! You can see quite a bit of progress.

B has just begun her head . . .
. . . as has J.
CD's head in progress - #1


This progression shows how Mr. (Harry) Didt heir Veedin's personality emerged.

Here's a trio - at left, Mrs. (Hazel) Didt heir Veedin', CD's head, and Mr. (Harry) Didt heir Veedin'.

Here are the Didt heir Veedin's with their friends!

This progression shows B's head being finished.

The ladies have gone through different hair styles and hats...
who's to say they're finished? ;-)

Our Garden Club met recently. Here we are posing with our ladies! :-)

CD's garden lady head.

B's garden lady's head.

J's Garden Lady Head

N's Garden Lady's head (no hair as yet)

And my Hazel Didt heir Veedin'

C is still working... but she'll finish in time (peer pressure!). ha.

A Progress report will be posted after the First Friday Artwalk (the first Friday in May). Get Ready!! :-)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crazy For You Quilt - progress report!

It seems as though it's been a

LONG time

since I've posted progress on my almost-three-year-old grandson's quilt!

Here we go! One more long seam this evening, and I'll take it to town tomorrow for long-arm quilting.



Individual blocks

Our Michigan grandson gets blueberry fabric (did you find it?)! His birthday is in May. He will have to wait until June to receive it, as we won't be traveling until then.

Pretty exciting, though!!