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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crazy For You Quilt - progress report!

It seems as though it's been a

LONG time

since I've posted progress on my almost-three-year-old grandson's quilt!

Here we go! One more long seam this evening, and I'll take it to town tomorrow for long-arm quilting.



Individual blocks

Our Michigan grandson gets blueberry fabric (did you find it?)! His birthday is in May. He will have to wait until June to receive it, as we won't be traveling until then.

Pretty exciting, though!!


Alberta said...

I followed the link from your garden blog...I love the blues in your quilt! Stunning! Is it paper pieced? I`m just learning this and am loving every moment of it.

Thanks for the sneak-a-peak!

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Alberta, I need to learn paper piecing. :-) Each of the blocks was stamped on the back with the pattern. It's just "lay the scraps down and sew them one small seam at a time." Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!