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Saturday, April 17, 2010

You're Going to Love These Garden Ladies!

I've posted on these ladies before... but thought I'd just give you a quick history that might bring you up-to-date. (If you want to view the previous post, click here.)

This post will show a bit of the evolution of our garden lady faces. We are currently involved in creating bodies for some of them... and hope to have a "public showing" in a couple of weeks. Just for fun! :-)

These couple of photos show us during our very first work session last November (2009).

C with her head.

The head in the foreground is N's.

Our second workshop in December was hilarious!
N's head shows a lot of progress.

C is busy working here! You can see quite a bit of progress.

B has just begun her head . . .
. . . as has J.
CD's head in progress - #1


This progression shows how Mr. (Harry) Didt heir Veedin's personality emerged.

Here's a trio - at left, Mrs. (Hazel) Didt heir Veedin', CD's head, and Mr. (Harry) Didt heir Veedin'.

Here are the Didt heir Veedin's with their friends!

This progression shows B's head being finished.

The ladies have gone through different hair styles and hats...
who's to say they're finished? ;-)

Our Garden Club met recently. Here we are posing with our ladies! :-)

CD's garden lady head.

B's garden lady's head.

J's Garden Lady Head

N's Garden Lady's head (no hair as yet)

And my Hazel Didt heir Veedin'

C is still working... but she'll finish in time (peer pressure!). ha.

A Progress report will be posted after the First Friday Artwalk (the first Friday in May). Get Ready!! :-)


Sara said...

That is sooo funny!! I think I want to do one for my mother-n-law!! She would ove it in her garden!!!

jo©o said...

Some are so realistic, it is scary...
Others too funny for words.
Can't work out what you start with. Do you buy a basic shape? It is totally outside my sphere of experience.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Sara, I'll be posting the finish-details before long.

Joco, These heads all begin with the upper portion of one pantyhose leg. For a "Scare-the-birds" that would remain outdoors during all weather, one leg of a pair of tights would be better. More resilient.

You stuff it with polyester fiberfill to make a basic head. Then you take a strong needle and thread and just "sculpt" and stitch to create the features. The eyes are buttons. I might use a little face powder, but the best final details are added with a very dry brush with acrylic paint. Lots of fun. :-)

ChrisJ said...

These heads are hilarious! I was going to say so life like, but I don't think that's the word I want. It is so funny to see them up over your friend's faces!
Amazing talent!

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Chris, Funny indeed! (Fun, indeed!) ;-)