Life is Often Too Seriously Taken, so for that reason, I'm going to post a silly poem from time-to-time. These first several will each be taken from a small booklet entitled, Lighten Up! 100 Funny Little Poems, compiled and edited by Bruce Lansky.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Some People Went to Malvern... Others Visited at the Arts and Convention Center!

Rosalie was put on Watch...

(all the photos should enlarge somewhat, if you click on them)

The rest of the group was patiently waiting...
Suddenly, we heard her familiar voice!

"Here I am! First, I thought I'd never find a parking place. (She said as she rounded the corner). Then I had to battle the crowd. (She said as she straightened her glasses.) Have you ever seen so many people? I mean, really! (She said as she settled herself into her chair.) I know I'm not the shortest person in the world, but I thought I was going to be trampled!" (She said as she glanced at each of her fellow members of the 'Gabby Garden Gals' -gardeners extraordinaire.)

All this from last club member to arrive for the First Friday Art Walk's Garden Party!

Perhaps now we can introduce ourselves properly.

Though I wasn't completely handy with the camera (and I missed a few people), here are more members of our group!

You've met Rosalie. She's the most dedicated outdoors-woman we know! She's still outside, in front of the Civic Center, meeting and greeting. However, you'll never know when she might inspire someone else to join our Garden Club!

Meet Bertha Penelope, Francine Weidermore (she's very handy with the hoe and trowel!),

Matilda Marie, Gladys,

Agnes, and Myrtle Underkirker

Of course last, but not least, are Harry and Hazel Didt heir Veedin'. They do seem very serene, but they're not the only ones that have finished their Weeding! Just ask Francine! ;-)
We had a wonderful time meeting and greeting the myriad of people streaming through, as they enjoyed the First Friday Art Walk of May 2010.

Who knows? It might have been Rosalie, but it might have been the rest of us, too! I wonder if we have a prospective new member for our Gabby Garden Gals club? :-)

A fun time was had by all!

Happy Gardening!


nancybond said...

They do look like a lively, fun-loving bunch!

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Nancy, Thanks for visiting here. We've had fun and you can just imagine now, how much fun it will be to have one sitting in your garden! (It might give one a "start" should you forget she's there...) ha.

jo©o said...

Hiya Shady,
Already wrote this in the chat, but want to say it here as well.
So funny and accomplished.

Their posture and stances almost seem to exude body language.
Very funny indeed. I'd love to see them (ugly) face-to-face :-)

Will you be taking them on tour?

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Jo, I think they've already enjoyed their most public viewing... and what better place than during a Garden Party? ;-)

You'd have fun meeting them, I think. However, now they've all gone to their respective homes. I assume they'll each be warming a garden bench or chair this summer. lol.

Nutty Gnome said...

I have to admit that they actually look a lot less scary sitting round a table - I could happily have joined them for a cup of tea!

Great work all round! :)

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Liz, Oh! I'm so glad you might have joined us. ;-) I'm assuming you still don't want one??