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Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Day's Work

at my brother and sister-in-law's house last Tuesday!

While I was "up north" visiting my parents, I took a day to plant some flowers near their new home. My brother built their beautiful home by himself (with only a little help here and there).

He built a pond this summer, and I wanted to help begin a bit of landscaping nearby.
First, I'd found some bargain ($2 each!) Blue Rug Juniper plants.
After surveying the hillside, I put down a section of landscaping fabric...

...and proceeded to plant one row.

I didn't know what they might want to happen with the rest of these bushes,
so I didn't plant them.

Won't this be beautiful with a colorful array of plants and bushes?

This shows the digging process for each bush.

I'd purchased a Northern Sea Oats Grass for one corner.
After planting this, the next project was their potted small sedum plants,
a thrift, and a blue fescue at the right side (south) of the rocks.
You can see the fescue, here.

On the Northwest corner, I planted two 'Husker Red' Penstemon.
If you look Easterly, you'll see a couple of asters.

Here are their asters. I couldn't resist the "whimsy."
By the time I was able to take more photos, it had gotten quite dark!
I somewhat lightened the next two photos on my computer...

A small hosta and 'Autumn Joy' east of the asters.

Looking westerly, you'll see a few more 'Autumn Joy.'
On the west side of the pond, we also planted three clumps of 'Stella d'Oro.' It's possible I might return yet this Fall, but more likely it'll be next Spring. I can hardly wait!! ;-)


Muhammad khabbab said...

I think its looking great. Asters are really beautiful. Now i am wondering, you guys did not plant anything in the pond? hardy water lily or anything like that.

Shady Gardener said...

Oh! That will come next Spring. I can hardly wait. My mom is going to give my sister-in-law a water lily for her early June birthday. I will get them a tall water plant of some sort. (Northern Iowa Winters freeze 4 feet of ice sometimes!)